Baby’s First Steps.

Welcome to ‘Bands Talking about Bands.’  This is the virgin post, kicking off what will hopefully be something that will endure.  At least as long as anything on the internet has the capacity to.  To come will be a brand of highly localized music journalism (that is: local to Boston, MA, and as local as some introspective tween’s bedroom-turned-music-studio), mixed with stimulating content, and explicit passion for what we love first and foremost: music.

Today, a few columns will be test-driven, and introduce what shall become reoccurring staples to the site.  Here and there new and interesting features will pop up, and we shall certainly see the birth of many new ideas/experiments/columns.

Given that I will be christening the  site myself, I have chosen a distinctly Kinks-ish theme for the evening, being one of my favorite bands, Ray Davies a personal songwriting hero.  So read on if you ‘really got me‘ (not even one of my favorite Kinks songs…).

Theme nights may be a reoccurring thing as well, but who knows.  The possibilities shall be left endless.  At least for the time being.



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