Listen to: “End of the Season” by the Kinks

The birds chirping at the beginning of this song from Something Else by the Kinks sum up this song perfectly: a pleasantly breezy walk through springtime (with wintry flourishes which signify the the so-called ‘end of the season’).  The song sounds like something you’d hear on some depression-era ham radio: a jolly, buoyant, piano-led tap-dance beneath a wall of pretty background vocals and Ray Davies’ gentle crooning (very much opposed to the raw, guitar riff-oriented sound many to associate the Kinks with on a very topical level).  The Kinks have donned many faces over the decades (while their were still active/when the Davies brothers weren’t quarreling, that is), from proto-punk to heavy metal (in the 80’s) to grandiose, multi-part rock operas, but nothing was better than the days when Davies/the Kinks were doing what they wanted, evoking the old-timey-sounding music they grew up with, playing jaunty ragtime piano riffs, even busting out a harpsichord every so often.  This is classic Kinks.


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