Jack White Has Officially Gone Into the Woods

The ever-spontaneous Jack White has pulled yet another D.I.Y. stunt, rocking a gig in the woods this past weekend with the force of a thousand trees falling.  And don’t worry there were plenty around to hear it as proof.  Check out the original story on Stereogum.

Amidst this impromptu mini-set after a more ‘formal’ performance at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival, he and his band played “Love Interruption” of White’s Blunderbuss, the Raconteurs track “Broken Boy Soldiers,” as well as the White Stripes’ “Hotel Yorba” (although “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground” might’ve been more fitting”).

This is of course not the first time White has taken an unconventional approach to releasing/performing music; just look back to SXSW when he played a parking lot gig out side of his vinyl ice-cream truck. Or how he tied a bunch of 45s to balloons as a way to distribute his first single from Blunderbuss.  


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