Listen to: “Yet Again” by Grizzly Bear

Last night, Grizzly Bear performed this beautifully warped cut from their forthcoming Shields (out September 17th) on the Colbert Report, as part of Stephen Colbert’s hilariously-titled StePhest Colbchella ‘012: RocktAugustFest.  For those uninitiated with the band, this song is a fantastic entrance point–completely accessible, and incredibly affective from the get-go.  When those circus organs kick-in and the vocals harmonies start swirling about, the feeling is akin to showering in a waterfall of candy and sonic hallucination.  Of course that’s the effect of a band that effectively channels all that drug-saturated psychedelic goodness of the sixties.  Note all the subtle little, imperfect atmospheric inclusions, the reverb-soaked stomps and tambourine smacks, which add to the number of dimensions this song trips through. Experiment with this song, and see if you aren’t enchanted by the experience.  One out-of-body, that is.


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