“Ruin” by Cat Power

Sigh. Chan Marshall. She’s so dreamy.

Here’s a new song from her upcoming album, Sun–it’s called “Ruin”, with accompanying video. The track instantly sounds more mechanical, driving, the instruments doing what her voice usually does, creating a lovely layer of individual musical lines. Check out Chan’s very heavy metal R’s as she spray paints “Ruin” on some concrete. As the song gets going, enjoy the Stonesy guitars riffs. Doesn’t Chan look great with short brown hair, like Joan of Arc from the old black and white silent film, “The Passion of Joan of Arc”, which she accompanied once with her music?

Hm, RedTimbre talked about silent films and modern records here. We’ll have to try playing some Cat Power to that film. I was brainstorming yesterday about how I thought Cat Power’s eerie Moon Pix would make a great accompaniment to a muted, captioned version of David Lynch’s “Mulholland Dr.”

Anyway, check out the cover of Sun–that S is so the S from Slayer. This only makes me like Chan Marshall better. I heard Radiohead’s first album cover for In Rainbows was actually virtually the same as the cover for Sun, except it had Thom Yorke’s face…uh, in the rainbow.

Anyway, check out this Rolling Stone interview with Chan–I, for one, learned she was dating Giovanni Ribisi. Album comes out September 4.

(Thanks to RedTimbre who polished my prose here and there).

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