The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Lovely and Steady at the Royale in Boston

The Brian Jonestown Massacre played the Royale in downtown Boston last night. Highlights for me were “Anenome” and “Wisdom.” They also played their famous song, “Not if You Were the Last Dandy on Earth”here’s the performance, captured by a spritely Youtuber who was able to get the video up as of this morning for our viewing pleasure:

If you’re like me, you were introduced to the Brian Jonestown Massacre by the excellent documentary Dig!, about them and their frenemies, the Dandy Warhols. The movie probably colored my expectations for the show since it documents Anton Newcombe, the main singer-song-writer for the band, and his frequent disastrous on-stage meltdowns.

Last night Anton did chastise, I think, all of his guitarists for…I don’t quite know what (I counted three guitarists other than Anton, though I might have missed one or two packed deep in the stage or stuffed in the rafters somewhere, dangling precariously, providing even more layers of full, jangling, almost ghostly sound) . The crowd howled with pleasure at the possibility of a meltdown.

Okay, maybe a lot of us were hoping for a bit of drama. In any event, the music was more than enough to get me coming back next time they’re around. Despite Anton’s barbs and the howls of the crowd, the band just carried on. Progress!

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