Watch/Listen to: “Knock Knock” by Band of Horses

Now I always thought Band of Horses sounded a bit like the Strokes if they had grown up on more folk and  Neil Young rather than post-punk and the Velvet Underground, and the first song released off their forthcoming Mirage Rock (out September 18, on the indy-haven Subpop label) kind of reinforces that fact.  It chugs, it harmonizes, it crashes…it rocks.  In what feels a bit like a follow-up to “Dilly” (in sound and video) from their previous album Infinite Arms, Band of Horses just put out a video that has the vintage visual flair of a Wes Anderson film (and a like-minded droll-ish wittiness).  It is a fine complement of beautiful-badass, Crazyhorse-ish folk-rock and a video seemingly shot in the era the spirit of this band dwells in.


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