Listen to: Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Beacon’ (Full Album Stream)

Isn’t the internet great?  With it, all sorts of neat things are made completely possible.  For instance, this: Two Door Cinema Club are streaming the entirety of their new album ‘Beacon,’ which comes out September 3, and coming two years after their much hyped, dance-y debut  Tourist History.  U.S. alt-radio certainly couldn’t get enough of this U.S.-conquering Irish band (Where have I heard that before?  I guess thats for me to know, and U2 find out…).  Both on their Facebook and SoundCloud page, fans get a chance to suck all the catchy charm out of the new album before alt-radio does it for them (Seriously, Tourist History had more songs than just “Undercover Martin” and “What You Know“).  Find it below.

The new album seems to continue in the same, tight-riffing-and-noodly-guitar-hooks meets electronic ambience, albeit with more aggression and might this time around (whereas the first album had a more bashful and unassuming tone).  It seems the band has accepted the responsibility of making big music. And songs like “Wake Up” are huge, with that Thriller-era Michael Jackson disco groove, electronic surge, and singer Alex Trimble’s triumphant vocal harmony in the chorus.  What we have is an all around tightness, some obsessive polishing, orchestral moments of pure, soaring beauty–somehow an improvement on what already seemed to be an incredibly deliberate first album.  A couple international tours and it seems these guys found time for immense growth, more solid footing, and perhaps some edge brought on by a loss of innocence somewhere down the road.  At any rate, enjoy this fantastic sophomore effort, veritable affirmation what we assumed was the case with the first album.


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