The National: True to Their Name, Further Their Support for President Obama

While the Romney campaign continues to be find itself the enemy of musicians (and dogs) everywhere, Obama continues to find support from the music community (occasionally as his backing band).  This time, indy giants the National are going to be the opening act of sorts for a speech by President Obama in De Moines, Iowa on September 1.  This was revealed via the band’s official Twitter account, and reported by Pitchfork.

This isn’t the first show of support for the current president from the band; In 2008, their song “Fake Empire” underscored a distinctly “Hope”-themed ad, and in 2010 they, along with Ben Harper, played for him in Madison, Wisconsin (watch video below) making a convincing case for Obama’s being the quintessential college student’s president.

Of course, there’s no better an endorsement than from nationalism poster-child Bruce Springsteen, who played for him during his 2008 campaign, and still supports him (although he did criticize Obama’s  “corporate-friendliness”).  Springsteen is, however, opting out of doing the rounds this campaign, if only for reasons of his not being a “professional campaigner.”

The job of presidency is bit like being the frontman for a band; the attractive face and literal voice of the powerful machine behind him.  But only Obama can speak to being a frontman on a literal and figurative level, and being so agreeable that all the musical greats are eager to collaborate with him.

Suddenly, you might feel like a groupie for following him on the trail, if only because his speeches double as totally awesome rock concerts.

Here’s a video of the National from Obama’s 2010 speech in Madison, Wisconsin:


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