Interview: Fat Creeps

Fat Creeps–a band that serves up beautiful vocal harmonies, twangy, mellow, restrained guitars, and warm, simple bass lines that set up a groove and give the guitar space to sit back and pick its moments. Occasional yells and guitar-freak-outs punctuate the steady, warm, echo-y vibe. All the songs on Fat Creeps EP are good, my favorite being the track Leave Her Alone. That solo. Phew. If you’re not aching after you hear that one, you are one of the robots…or you’re on some serious pain meds. Call your psychiatrist.

In any event, they were good enough to answer some questions, and they’re playing The Rosebud in Somerville October 13.

How’d you get into playing music?

Jim – I started playing cello in 3rd grade, then started playing it like a guitar so my dad bought me an electric guitar and taught me how to play.

Gracie – I started playing piano when I was like 4, I thought that was pretty heady.

Mariam – I found out about Beat Happening a few years ago and thought if I could play music I would write these songs, and then I found out they didn’t even know how to play music so I picked up a guitar and went at it.

How do you go about writing songs?

Mariam – I just do.

Jim – It’s never the same thing twice, sometimes an idea will just hit me and other times I’ll conceptualize something.

Gracie – If I get an idea, I sit down and work on them.

How’d you get your band together?

Mariam – Like I said, I was really enthralled with the idea that you don’t have to know how to play music to play music so I started to play. I met Gracie one day and heard she played guitar and wrote so I asked her to come over and jam with me sometime. We just clicked and decided to start what became Fat Creeps. We then went through various drummers and finally landed on Jim.

What was your first live show–what was it like?

Mariam – Gracie and I decided we wanted to play out when it was just the both of us on guitar. We played at a Thai Restaurant in Salem, MA. We opened with what became Horoscope, I was banging a floor tom and Gracie was playing guitar and we both just screamed the entire time. When the song was over, there were about 3 people left in the restaurant.

Any bands you’d recommend that are from the Boston area?

Jim – The Space Bums, Moontowers, Fume Hood.

Gracie – Big Mess, Guilty Party, Pile.

Mariam – Secret Lover, Fedavees, SKIMASK.

What are your impressions of the Boston scene as you’ve experienced it?

Mariam – It’s constantly growing and it’s constantly getting better. Boston is the place to be.

Jim – It’s like a big ol’ family.

Gracie – It is good, everyone is nice.

Could you recommend one album by some other artist?

Gracie – Fleetwood Mac – Rumors.

Jim – Black Sabbath – First 4 albums.

Mariam – T Rex – Electric Warrior.

What’s most important to you about playing music?

Mariam – Writing something that I would listen to.

Gracie – Having fun, keeping it light.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Mariam – If you’ve got a potato, you’ve got something.

Jim – Keep on keeping on.

Gracie – No.

(Photo provided by Fat Creeps)


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