Interview: Moontowers

Moontowers work generally in the venerable tradition of performing original rock in the jangly, 60’s-nostalgia-rock style of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Frontman Rick Cashman was good enough to answer some questions for me (Rick: “I’m the founder, lead singer, guitarist, and principle songwriter for our band”). They’re playing the Middle East Upstairs December 29. Check out their beautiful collection of tunes!

How’d you get into playing music?

I had an older cousin growing up who used to give me CD’s and stuff
like that. One day he gave me his electric guitar, and from there I
just started messing around with it, trying to sound like artists I

How do you go about writing songs?

Usually I’ll just be walking around or doing something else and some
little melody will pop into my head. I try to put it all together
really quickly so the original idea doesn’t get cluttered or lost in
the process.

How’d you get your band together?

No specific way really, kind of just a bunch of old friends who like
to play music coming together over time into a structured thing.

What do you use for practice space?

We practice in a warehouse. It’s really cool actually, there’s all
these dump trucks and pieces of scrap metal and bobcats and shit lying
around. One time we found a crazy bike in there, another time an ATV.
Also a rubber chicken hanging from a chain.

How do you record?

I mostly just use my laptop when I’m doing something on my own. The
band recently did an EP in a really nice studio, so there’s that too.
We’ve done recordings on an old reel-to-reel. Guess it depends.

Any bands you’d recommend that are from the Boston area?

There’s a bunch of good ones. I think my favorites are The Space Bums,
Fat Creeps, Yankee Power, 28 Degrees Taurus, and Ghostbox Orchestra.

What are your impressions of the Boston scene as you’ve experienced it?

It’s pretty rad, lots of inspiring people. On a good night you get a
pretty diverse crowd at shows.

Could you recommend one album by some other artist?

My Bloody ValentineLoveless.

What’s most important to you about playing music?

You put a simple idea on the table, you give it a kick, you watch it
go. You give something away that was once yours, you share a part of
yourself with others and they do the same for you. It’s pretty

Anything else you’d like to share?

“My freedom must not seek to trap being but to disclose it. The
disclosure is the transition from being to existence.” – Simone De

Finally, is there anything we can do as writers to help you out?

You already have by seeking us out for this interview. Thanks again!
Let me know if you need anything else.

(Picture provided by Rick Cashman. Feature image source is from here.)


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