The purpose of B.T.A.B. is to give attention to the ‘little guy.’  To offer exposure to he who wouldn’t ordinarily receive it otherwise.  This includes bands that have yet to leave their garages– let alone break down any doors elsewhere–and secret Mozarts who compose great music out of their bedrooms, but lack the wherewithal or knowhow to secure a following of their own.  Our committed mission is to make the dream of making it as a musician more realizable, with the necessary step-by-steps to do so, as informed by experts on the matter.

As far as we are concerned, no longer shall just the ballsy and gorgeously talentless claim all the record deals and subsequent glory.  Substance shall strike back.

Who are we?  We are involved and dedicated music fanatics, creators, D.I.Y.-ers, and journalists, who operate and inquire via our own interests in a world we aspire to and do dwell in.

More than anything, we want to bring what we love to the masses.  This shall include the music we write ourselves, the music we love and love to think about, and the music everyone should know about (but more often than not does not).

Nothing should be off limits.  Nor shall it be.



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